STOCK, WAIT A MINUTE: How to start investing in the stock market

“Every Filipino deserves to be rich.” This is the grounding philosophy of Edward Lee, chairman and founder of COL Financial.

Are you ready for that next big step? You’ve probably been preparing yourself to jumpstart your trading journey — by defining your goals or saving up. You might have been asking yourself and other people this: what’s next? As you may have read in our previous article, stocks are one of the most popular investment instruments. If they pique your interest, then you might consider investing in them. How? Well, there are actually a lot of online stock brokerage firms out there. But in this article, we will be discussing one platform that can help you take that next step safely and easily. Plus, it’s a platform that gives you the opportunity to grow and learn as you trade.

COL Financial is the leading and fastest-growing online stock brokerage firm in the Philippines. With over 200,000 customers, Php 62 billion in customer assets, and decades of experience, COL is an absolute gem of a platform that allows both new and experienced investors alike access to expert opinion backed by comprehensive market research. This means that you can start your journey to financial independence regardless of your age.

So, how do we start? We’re not kidding when we say that you can make an account and start trading as a student. You see, other platforms ask for a TIN number, a number given to you by the government when you start paying taxes and such. But, COL Financial is different in that you don’t need a TIN number to make an account. All it needs is a starting deposit, that can come from your e-wallet or online transfers from commercial banks. No, you don’t need to break the bank: all you need is a starting fund of Php 1,000. You read that right — COL is letting you start trading stocks with no TIN number and with a starting fund of just Php 1,000. There are no monthly fees: aside from taxes, there is just a 0.25% handling fee for buying and selling stocks!

We know that taking that first step may be daunting. Php 1,000 is big money for most people, even to us. That’s exactly why we recommend COL Financial. It’s not only easy to use and navigate, it’s also a place where you can learn more about trading. With an account in COL, you have access to numerous webinars that can teach you ways on how to grow your money. They also offer research about various companies and stocks that, at the end, recommends whether you should buy, sell, or hold your stock. That life experience, the confidence gained — that’s more than worth the one thousand pesos you start with.

It’s easy to start and it lets you learn along the way. But, is it safe? Yes it is, because COL alerts you when you last logged in and logged out so you’ll know if it was you or someone else was accessing your account. But of course, before anyone can find out the details of your account through the website, they need to get through some security features. They have Secure Sessions, which encrypts the data you exchange between COL and you, so that it can’t be decoded even if uncovered by a third-party. The Secure Login feature doesn’t let you use autocomplete when logging in, so that it lessens the risk of a third-party accessing your account details. It’s definitely a small price to pay in exchange for safeguarding your growing empire of wealth. Lastly, they have a Session Timeout. So if you end up forgetting to logout when you finish your session, it logs out for you after 30 minutes. Pretty handy for busy people, right?

It’s safe and convenient, what could make it better? How about extra ease when you actually make an account? Account creation takes about 10 minutes without a TIN number. On your first step you just have to read up on the requirements you’ll need to submit. Then, you start creating your account by providing the information and requirements you prepared earlier. Finally, you just pay the Php 1,000 minimum fund. There you have it, you may now start trading and your journey towards financial independence! If you aren’t convinced yet and you want to get a feel for what the interface looks like, you can apply for a free 7-day trial account and see for yourself!

Image Courtesy of COL Financial

COL is safe, convenient, trusted, and inclusive. Take it from a group of budding college investors — your bank account will thank us later! Make the leap from reading our articles to raking in the dough, with COL Financial.




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Pisopedia is an online learning platform for Filipino students to learn more about personal finance.

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