APPreciating Finance: Apps that have shaped how we handle our Finances

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3 min readMay 8, 2021

Evolution of Apps

From video calls to complex health trackers, mobile apps today have certainly evolved from their popular predecessors–the games Snake, Bounce, or Minesweeper established by Nokia in the early 2000s. Today, almost every single entertainment or organising need can be addressed by an app. Oh, you want to pretend you’re on a spaceship accomplishing tasks with friends while also being hunted down by an impostor? There’s an app for that! Oh, you want to measure your health and track your sleep quality? There’s an app for that too! Oh, you want an intangible checklist to keep you motivated every time you finish a task? Surprise, there’s an app for that! The list is endless. But let’s zone in on certain apps that have helped thousands of people get their financial obligations in order, and have shaped the way we handle our finances as we know it.

Iconic Nokia Mobile Games

The Apps of Today

With the onslaught of the pandemic and the mandate to stay at home, a lot of people have needed a necessary pick-me-up, and one of the most common ways they have sought out a mood booster is through retail therapy. Whether it be on Lazada, Shopee, Instagram or Carousell, the online shopping craze gets stronger with each monthly sale (budol na naman!). In order to prepare for these sales, lots have started tracking their budget and expenses, both as a reminder for self-control and so they’re aware of how much they can afford to splurge on.

A popular expense tracking app, Spendee, is a straightforward budget planner that has helped people track their income and expenses. They even make charts and graphs to help visualize major expenses so that adjustments can be made. You can even link your credit card and bank account which will be helpful in monitoring your online purchases!

Spendee Interface

There has also been a rising star with regard to digital wallets and modes of payment: GCash. It has certainly impacted the way we send and receive money because it’s just so easy to use! From paying for food at restaurants to receiving raffle money and even investing funds, GCash has become such an important part of our financial culture.

GCash Interface

Lastly, what good is technology if we don’t use it to our benefit and enrich our minds? Investagrams has helped so many people learn more about investments, specifically the Stock Market, and keep people in the loop about financial and economic events. You can practice how to trade virtually, without the risk of losing money but with the analytic tools that will still help you on your investment journey. This opens up new investors and those interested, to a whole new community of stock market enthusiasts who can guide them towards investing success.

Investagrams Interface

Impact on our Daily Lives

Although a lot of us feel controlled by social media or our phones, these financial apps will certainly help us regain control of at least one thing: our finances! They’re made to make life easier for us, so might as well take the opportunity to be more organised and learn about the financial world as much as possible. Here’s to a brighter, budget-tracked, financially literate future!



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