TCG History

Pokémon! The Nintendo-exclusive video game phenomenon that started in Japan on February 26, 1996, has continued sweeping people of all age groups around the world until now. The video game spurred on the creation of multiple iterations of the brand. From video game versions to an anime (Japanese Animated TV Show), to some manga (Japanese Comics) series, and even to a trading card game. And the trading card game will be the focus of this article.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (aka TCG for short) was released in Japan first in October of the same year as its…

Evolution of Apps

From video calls to complex health trackers, mobile apps today have certainly evolved from their popular predecessors–the games Snake, Bounce, or Minesweeper established by Nokia in the early 2000s. Today, almost every single entertainment or organising need can be addressed by an app. Oh, you want to pretend you’re on a spaceship accomplishing tasks with friends while also being hunted down by an impostor? There’s an app for that! Oh, you want to measure your health and track your sleep quality? There’s an app for that too! Oh, you want an intangible checklist to keep you motivated…

TikTok has become more than just a platform for dance challenges. It has expanded to include educational videos tagged #LearnOnTiktok. Within this educational segment, emerged a niche group of financial influencers “finfluencers” who have made it their mission to spread financial literacy through TikToks.

The good

Making financial literacy accessible

Personal finance is rarely integrated in school curriculums, but these TikTok finfluencers are finding ways to reach the younger generation. They unpack complex topics and demystify financial jargon through bite-sized videos capped at 60 seconds.

Edu-tainment aspect

TikToks also entertain while they educate. You might be hard pressed to convince…

Analysis Paralysis.

That’s the term used to describe someone who has finally mustered up the basic knowledge to accomplish their goals, but perpetually stays in a cycle of indecisiveness and inaction, brought about by overthinking and a hesitance to just start. We all know the importance of time in investment: compounding interest over just a few years more results in whopping returns. and being able to say “I jumped on Tesla stock at the perfect time” versus missing the trend can make or break a life. So we recommend you with a tool that can help motivate you into action…

Study break! You’ve been working hard on your journey to financial independence, and we decided to celebrate by discussing something much more lighthearted and close to all of us — ourselves!

Keeping your body and mental health at tip-top shape is crucial in maintaining the sanctity of our work-life balance. We all know this: getting burnt-out and not wanting to function anymore is tiring and disheartening, and hampers our ability to be productive at home and in the workplace. In light of this, we’ve prepared some tips to take the edge off of the daily grind.

  1. Invest in your physical…

Getting returns is the main purpose of investing your money. It’s usually expressed as a percentage change in the value of your investments. The simplest way to illustrate returns is when you have P100 and you gain P10 from investing your P100, you have a 10% return on your investment. A quick and dirty way of computing the rate of return is by dividing the additional money you get, P10, by your initial investment, P100. This results in a rate of return of 10%.

When it comes to investing, there are many investment products to choose from, and if your…

A budget is an incredibly powerful tool to manage your income and expenses. By having a budget, you can identify expected income and expenses that allow you to make better decisions and more controlled spending behavior. This is pretty common knowledge. But in reality, a lot of people don’t budget. The result? Uncontrolled spending and lack of savings that may snowball to less financial security and great financial stress. This is why budgeting is really important, especially on a personal level, that’s why we want you to use budgeting as a personal tool for financial independence.

Budgeting is not only…

Recently, the Philippine government has been publishing warnings on the infamous “Bitcoin Scams” proliferating the online world. These involve fraudulent use of names of celebrities and government officials and the alleged government advocacy on investing in certain Bitcoin platforms. Because cryptocurrencies are a relatively new investment domain, there have been various speculations, rumors, and myths circulating about it. This may lead people who are interested in cryptocurrencies to stay curious but never actually invest in it. For example, Filipinos are generally aware of the existence of cryptocurrencies but very few invest because they lack the confidence in the credibility of…

“Every Filipino deserves to be rich.” This is the grounding philosophy of Edward Lee, chairman and founder of COL Financial.

Are you ready for that next big step? You’ve probably been preparing yourself to jumpstart your trading journey — by defining your goals or saving up. You might have been asking yourself and other people this: what’s next? As you may have read in our previous article, stocks are one of the most popular investment instruments. If they pique your interest, then you might consider investing in them. How? Well, there are actually a lot of online stock brokerage firms

We’re sure you have used this acronym at least once in your lifetime to refer to mutual friends in everyday conversations, manual focus in photography, mezzo forte in music class, molecular formula in chemistry class, medium frequency in physics, muscle fiber in biology class, and so on. For this article, we’re going to introduce the (only) MF you might need to know to navigate your way to financial independence.

In finance, MF stands for mutual funds. A mutual fund is an investment that pools up money from different investors which is then invested in a wide variety of stocks, bonds…

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